Tor des Géants, 330km Ultra Trail Running | Italy

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Every september on the italian Alps, hundreds of athletes gather in Courmayeur - Valle d'Aosta - to run the Tor des Géants: “the longest and toughest ultra-trail in the world”.

330km/205 miles of narrow mountain paths, 24000m/78740 feet of elevation gain and a limit of 150 hours to cross the finish line, leave the runners with very little time to sleep.
I decided to follow the “last ones“, those who ran just to make it to the end. Fascinated by their psychology, I wanted to understand their motivations and feel their emotions.

This felt like my own search, through days and nights walking with the runners between rocky peaks and green woods. Witnessing their stories up close, getting a glimpse into their minds and seeing them pushing their human limitations, has been a powerful experience. This is a story of a search for oneself. A tale of fatigue, pain and resurrection.

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